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Internet Archive Single Messages -  "Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

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"Let go of fear and be willing to be persecuted for sharing these messages which are that of love. The Gospel must be made known,
so do not be afraid to share these messages of love and truth. In time, all will know that I am truly here for all my children." ~ 2802

2008 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Abortion is the greatest sin in this world and you each need to take a stand for life"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 3045 Jan 2, 2008 The world is in danger due to lack of prayer and lack of love
word--web--pdf 3046 Jan 4, 2008 Abortion is the greatest sin in this world and you each need to take a stand for life
word--web--pdf 3047 Jan 8, 2008 Please remind my children of the importance of prayer
word--web--pdf 3048 Jan 10, 2008 Begin today and pray together with your family
word--web--pdf 3049 Jan 14, 2008 Without more prayer, many more souls will see the fire of hell
word--web--pdf 3050 Jan 17, 2008 Please reform your ways and listen to Heavens call
word--web--pdf 3051 Jan 22, 2008 I am here to remind my children to live more simply
word--web--pdf 3052 Jan 25, 2008 Please endure your sufferings and trust that God will not abandon you
word--web--pdf 3053 Jan 28, 2008 Please live the Gospel and pray together so you are not tempted to give in to the enemy
word--web--pdf 3054 Feb 1, 2008 Be brave soldiers for Christ and be willing to suffer for making the truth known
word--web--pdf 3055 Feb 4, 2008 Please put God first in your lives so you move forward each new day
word--web--pdf 3057 Feb 6, 2008 Good always triumphs over evil, so be not afraid
word--web--pdf 3058 Feb 11, 2008 Prayer is truly needed, so come to Mass, pray the Rosary and adore Our Lord
word--web--pdf 3059 Feb 15, 2008 Be true to God and love Him with your whole heart
word--web--pdf 3060 Feb 19, 2008 Pray for strength and the courage needed to carry your cross
word--web--pdf 3061 Feb 22, 2008 My children must truly live their Catholic Faith and the teachings of the Church
word--web--pdf 3062 Feb 25, 2008 Lent is a time to pray and move closer to God
word--web--pdf 3063 Feb 28, 2008 Be true apostles of prayer and be willing to suffer for making the truth known
word--web--pdf 3065 Mar 6, 2008 True love and devotion to Our Lord must be spread across the world
word--web--pdf 3066 Mar 11, 2008 The world will suffer greatly if man continues to disobey Gods laws
word--web--pdf 3067 Mar 18, 2008 God will truly bless those who are loyal to Jesus and serve Him with joy in their hearts
word--web--pdf 3068 Mar 24, 2008 Ask God to heal those wounds that are preventing you from praying
word--web--pdf 3069 Mar 28, 2008 Discipline yourselves so that you have true sorrow for your sins
word--web--pdf 3070 Mar 31, 2008 Embrace this time of mercy
word--web--pdf 3071 Apr 3, 2008 Do not be foolish children, for God may call you at any time
word--web--pdf 3072 Apr 7, 2008 Dear children, I am warning you. Respond now to Heavens call
word--web--pdf 3073 Apr 11, 2008 Storms will arise and much will be taken away
word--web--pdf 3074 Apr 14, 2008 Trust, trust in God, for He truly hears your prayers
word--web--pdf 3075 Apr 17, 2008 Time is running out, so please stop offending God
word--web--pdf 3076 Apr 21, 2008 Please light the way and bring others to My Son, Jesus
word--web--pdf 3077 Apr 24, 2008 Be dependent on God, not the economy