MESSAGE #1515 from Jesus July 19, 1998
 My child,

Pray for those who do not understand My Mother’s role on this earth, for they are denying themselves the help needed to become strong and whole again. Without My Mother’s assistance, many will continue to fall further away from the Sacraments.

My Sacred Heart bleeds for those who continue to reject Our heavenly messages. My Heart bleeds because so many are refusing to hear the truth. When one denies the truth, one then chooses to live in darkness. My mercy is great for those who repent and who do penance. My mercy pours out to all who come to Me, but due to lack of faith, many are choosing to walk by Satan’s side. Those who are rejecting these messages are doing so because they do not want to reform their life.

They also do not want to believe that the time will soon be at hand and that justice will prevail across this land. Woe to those who are ignoring My Father’s warnings, for they will not be ready for all that will unfold. Their soul will not be cleansed and how they will suffer when all their sins are revealed to them. How they will suffer when they see the blood that I shed for them. They will suffer, for they will see how deep My wounds have become due to their sins.

My child, you must not give up, for you have been chosen to take part in saving souls. You have been chosen because many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are sleeping. Many are not preaching the truth because they do not call upon the Holy Spirit. They are seeking pleasure instead of spending time with Me. Many have become weak due to lack of prayer. Many need your prayers, so I ask today that you spend more time with Me. I ask, My child, that you also continue to suffer for all humanity.

I ask that you continue on, no matter what man thinks of you, for in time they will know that I am working through you. They will know because much wisdom will be given to you. They will know because these heavenly messages will heal their flock. Many will repent and will seek refuge in My heart. My sons will not be able to deny what is happening to their flock, for they will see a change and many will return to Church. So, do not worry, cast away your fear, for I am walking ever so near to you.

This is the time of mercy. This is the time of renewal. This time has been allowed because of Our love for you, so keep moving, My child, for these messages must be spread. They must be spread so more repent and turn away from sin. Those who listen and who respond will be blessed, for they will be led closer to Me. They will be led to the path that will lead them to Heaven. The path, My child, will always be clear for you, so persevere and trust in Me, for I am Your Merciful Lord. I am Jesus.

Now, be at peace and secure in Our love for you. My blessings I give to you. Pray for peace and fortitude.